My cup of motherhood

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About Us



I am Garima and stay at home mom of 3 year old Munchkin Ahaan. I am from an education background and left my job to be with my son. I always had a passion to write, but never in my wildest dream thought that my writing will digress into parenting blog with my own experience of each and every phase of motherhood. 

When I was pregnant,I was in London all alone not knowing how things will come, Will I be able to handle? 

But it is rightly said that Women learns to handle the kid naturally when she becomes a mom. That happened to me. I started reading blogs, subscribed to various newsletters. 

My son Ahaan was born on 26th January 2016. As he was growing, so was my questions dealing with various aspects of Motherhood. I started looking for answers in online mom community which inspired me to come up with My Cup Of Motherhood to help other moms or to be moms with whatever they are looking for. 

My Cup Of Motherhood is all about Parenting, Tips to be an Effective Parent, Child Development, Motherhood. Its deals with various aspects of Joys of Parenting. Parenting is no doubt a difficult task, but we can make it enjoyable and stress free with some tips and by helping others. It is one such kind of platform that gives you support throughout your each phase of Motherhood.

So what are you waiting for, start reading and enjoy being a parent.