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Blog posts December 2019

New Year Resolution No Mom should make


Doesn’t it feel like yesterday when 2019 heralded in? Now we are at the crossroad of the new year again where all the moms will be resolving to make this coming year more fruitful.

Maybe this is the year where you will loose some extra pounds that you gained during your pregnancy, org…

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Santa Claus: Unquestionably a Mom!!


It's that of the year where you all are decorating Christmas tree and waiting for Santa to come, but have you ever thought who Santa is? I am not talking here in religious perspective. I know what you must be thinking, that Santa Claus is a Santa Claus. His appearance has stayed the same t…

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My quiet one in an Extrovert World


Imagine a 4-year-old who greets you with a huge smile and on the other hand a child who have regards for you but hides behind his dads’ leg. How do you feel about these two children? If you are like most people, you would think of the first child as social and the second shy or reserved. For a…

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