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Blog posts July 2019

Lost yourself in Motherhood?

It is quiet, raining outside while my little one is sleeping and here, I am recollecting my thoughts “Have I lost myself in motherhood?”. These small moments when things are still, and everything is just like how you want comes rarely on which we mothers can depend upon. “Do I have a…

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How to deal with your Kid’s Temper Tantrums?

I was in my room when my son was crying lying on the floor trying to hit his head and fist on the ground simply because I told him not to eat ice-cream as it is time to go to bed. His face was turned red with a purple tint and all the family members were looking at me as if I am responsible for …

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How to protect the kids from the heat of the blazing Sun this summer?

Yay!! It’s summer times. That means that we now have a longer day where the sun is still shining in the evening and much to worry about. The schools will be closing soon, and kids will be staying at home, running around, racing outdoors full of energy. I don’t know there is something about this …

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How many toys your kid really needs?

Few years ago, I visited one of my distant relative when I just got married and could see the whole house with all kind of plastic non reusable small blocks of toys which can make anyone stumble over them and can cause any harm. I convinced myself that this would not be in my case. There would b…

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Understanding child’s learning style: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Me and Ahaan were sleeping when I generally asked him, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” He quickly responded me by saying that he wants to be a pilot P.S (all those who know him will understand how obsessed he is with the airplane). Then probably after 10 minutes he said “No M…

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What do you do? The disquieting question Stay at home mom face often!!

Motherhood is not a competition. We often come across various adults questioning your identity which becomes very disappointing. For some reason our society is obsessed with finding out the ways to make moms guilty of how they raise and provide for their children. They are continuous…

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5 Things you should not say to your child.

We all as a parent has learned one thing or the other in the due course of parenting. It is no easy job. The most important thing is learning to talk to your kid. Children takes everything literally and the way you talk to them goes a long way in shaping their personality. Sometimes …

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Spending Quality time with your Kid

It is very rightly said that kids don’t need things, they need parents who spend some time with them. A fast-paced modern lifestyle has resulted in less quality time spend with kids. It is very important as a parent to spend some quality time with them. It has a direct …

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Is your child getting a daily dose of Screen time?

When I was a kid, I loved watching television so much that it became the part of my family lore. Have you ever questioned yourself as how much screen time is too much? Another question that pops up is that is your child getting a daily dose of the screen tim…

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Boosting your child’s Immunity

Nothing pains a parent more seeing their child down with fever, cold or coughing and falling prey to various infectious diseases. Its true!! We as parents are aware of the balanced diet that we need to provide to our kids. While we do our best to take care of the nutritional needs,…

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