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Blog posts March 2020

Arguing in front of your kids? Here is what you need to know


We were coming back from a place when me and my partner had an argument. My son just yelled and said, “Stop fighting”. My little one had a tough time that day. Is that to do with mommy and daddy arguing?

Raising a kid is a very stressful and complicated undertaking and it takes a lo…

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The Secret to keep your kids busy and learning at home due the school closure amidst Coronavirus outbreak.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

As millions of students are being displaced from school due to the spread of coronavirus all over the world. Here rise the real crises for all the parents: what will the kids do at home all day? How to keep them busy? Being a mother, I am sure you agree …

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A panic free guide for Parents to deal with Coronavirus.


We parents are in constant fear for the well-being of their kid. So, it’s pretty natural that the stories about the spread of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) makes it more worrisome as to whether our kids are safe or are in danger?

We are still learning about the new virus as there has b…

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