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5 Things you should not say to your child.

We all as a parent has learned one thing or the other in the due course of parenting. It is no easy job. The most important thing is learning to talk to your kid. Children takes everything literally and the way you talk to them goes a long way in shaping their personality. Sometimes in conversation, we end up talking some irrelevant words or phrases which should not be used in front of the kids. However, the child’s mind is not fully developed to understand this, and it cripples the young mind.
Don’t worry we all have sailed on the same boat.
From the experiences and the recent researches, the only way to improve this is by carefully monitoring the use of words and what we speak in front of our children. I know its not an easy task but with little bit of effort and determination we can keep a check on our words and minimize any mistakes.
Here are these 5 things that you should not say:
1. You are being a Bad boy/ Girl: Saying them “you are a bad boy/girl” kills their self-esteem. Kids are innocent and believe in goodness. You should not feed them negative thoughts and try to develop the positive attitude around. Instead you should explain your child about certain actions that he/she do that are bad and can harm others. The way you say is what all that matters.
2. Be like your brother/sister: Never ever compare your child to their siblings because it cripples the young mind and burden them with the sense of competition. It makes them feel left out and jealous of the other. It also derives the feeling of failure in them. Instead of saying be like him, you could be polite in saying to learn from each other.
3. A straight NO: Saying no to everything what your child is doing have a harsh effect on the child. They lose faith and confidence in you if we as a parent don’t approve of what the child is doing. Try to give them examples such as rather than saying “No playing at home”, you could rather say “why don’t you call your friends to play with you outside”. Or instead of saying “No shouting”, you could request your child to “Talk softly”.
4. Are you a girl? – When my son asks me Mummy “I want a pink color balloon”, my very first question is “Are you a girl?”.But with the due course of parenting what I have learned is that the Child is the child. Let him or her be. Let the kid decide themselves what they want for future. Don’t stop them from being curious and exploring things.
5. I don’t love you : Sometimes in the middle of the juggling task we are tensed and when your child be a messy learner and trying to figure the environment and enjoying the play time, we end up saying some words that lowers their confidence and self esteem in the child. It would be of no use if we repent it alter saying this because the child’s mind is like a computer. It stores everything and have a deep impact on their development and behavioral patterns.
I know there are some things that are not in our hand but if we carefully monitor the words that we speak, it can truly change everything around us. As a parent it is our responsibility to make our child feel happy, secure and confident to face the world and everyday challenges. Don’t deprive your child from childhood. Let them enjoy each moment of it.
Happy parenting.

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