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A panic free guide for Parents to deal with Coronavirus.


We parents are in constant fear for the well-being of their kid. So, it’s pretty natural that the stories about the spread of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) makes it more worrisome as to whether our kids are safe or are in danger?

We are still learning about the new virus as there has been no cure detected. We are still not sure as how it is spread; how serious it can be and how to treat it. These tsunami of questions in our mind makes us extra careful in taking care of our kids.

This outbreak of the virus is on the edge of becoming epidemic. The next few weeks would be critical to know whether the virus is break free or continue to spread in number location of the world. As of this writing, there are relatively few cases here in United states and India and many measures are being taken to control its reach. So, it becomes really important for you to listen to the public health officials of your area and be well informed of what’s happening around you. Do not panic if your child or some one else in your family is down with cold, cough and fever. Its far more likely to be a cold, influenza than Coronavirus.

Infact influenza kills more people every year and public health officials and doctors talk about it every year as to how to keep you and your kid away from catching the flu. The same precautions can be taken for Coronavirus as well as they are both spread in the similar ways.

What you can do?

  1. Make sure you make your kid wash their hand with soap for around 20-25 seconds as long as it takes to sing a rhyme. Make them sing a rhyme and let them wash it properly. If you are out. Make sure you and your child use a sanitizer by spreading it well all along the hands and also in between the fingers. Make them the habit of washing it before they eat anything and coming back home from school and play or after being with someone who is sick.
  2. Make sure you and your child has received flu vaccine as it is far more common and dangerous.


  1. Encourage healthy eating habits such as fruits and vegetables and lot of proteins and carbohydrates in your child’s diet to strengthen their immune system. I know its tough to make them eat veggies. Try some different ways out such as giving them in some other forms.


  1. Teach your kid not to touch their face, mouth, eyes and nose with their hands if they have not washed them. It is easier said than done. I agree, I can imagine how difficult it is. I always tell my child and when he sees that I am not looking at him and doing something else, he touches his eyes or mouth with his hands. Make them play a game with it, like if you feel an itch, then itch it with your knees.


  1. Little hands instinctively reach out too many things around them. We should teach our kids not to touch the surfaces that are out in Public. Hold on to their hands when you are walking out. Make sure you carry some wipes to clean the area before you or your child touches and throw them at prompt. In winters, make your child wear gloves, which will anyways protect them from both cold and the bacteria. Make sure you have some extra change of gloves so that you can wash them after the use and use another.  


  1. Make your child stay away from sick people as much as you can. Even one of the parents is ill, try not to be around the kid because they have the higher chances to catch the infection. Unless there is some special travel advisory given by the public health department, this does not mean that you should confine you and your kid in your house or you should skip school or daycare. One thing you need to keep in mind is that its really impossible for you or your kid to stay away from the germs. Its totally impossible! Even the people who are suffering from Coronavirus, may not be aware long before they come to know. Just be aware of the symptoms of the people around you such as coughing and sneezing and try to stay away from them.


  1. Even if anyone in your family or your near and dear ones get cold, cough and fever. Stay away!! And tell them to stay at home. It might not be Coronavirus, but it is really contagious and might spread and others can catch infection too. Don’t panic other parents if you in cold and cough, start coughing around their kid.


  1. If you are hosting a party or a get together in your house. You have full right to tell them not to come if they are sick. Keep a sanitizer at the entrance so that they can use it and avoid carrying germs inside the house.



If your child develops cold and cough symptoms, consult your doctor for this or if there is anything that might concern you. I always have the Spidey sense when I am around my kid and knows what might happen or what’s troubling him. I know all mothers have this sense and will know beforehand.

Again !! Please don’t panic. There is lot of misinformation about Coronavirus that is floating around. Check the reliable sources for more updates. Follow these simple tricks and call the doctor in need.

Be safe!!

Happy parenting!!

Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash

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