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Santa Claus: Unquestionably a Mom!!


It's that of the year where you all are decorating Christmas tree and waiting for Santa to come, but have you ever thought who Santa is? I am not talking here in religious perspective. I know what you must be thinking, that Santa Claus is a Santa Claus. His appearance has stayed the same throughout these years, plump giggling face with the red coat embellished with white fur and black boots. But Now is the time to decide who the real Santa is? Santa is surely a woman in my home, and what I see around my neighborhood and in most other homes as well. I believe Santa to be not just a woman but a mom. 


“Mom do you know where my books are?”

 “It’s on your bookshelf third right corner”

Mom is a Santa who takes care of your needs, knows what you want and when.


“Mom I need a pencil tomorrow”

“Here it is, I already got it yesterday from the market”

Mom is a Santa who fulfill the wishes to see the smiles on the faces.


“Mom I am feeling hungry”

“The food is ready, here it is”

Mom is a Santa who is always available with the needful.


That’s like a normal day of the life, from waking up in the morning, getting your kids ready for school, making breakfast, cleaning the house, picking kids from school, making lunch and then dinner. From wishing good morning to good night, every mom’s life has been or still a roller coaster ride.

Just like Santa gets up early in the morning before everyone does and gets on to the duty. Moms do the same. They get up in the morning before their kids and family and gets on with their work.

Santa keeps everyone’s wishes before himself just like mom who try to fulfill their child wishes before anyone else. Even after going to every child delivering the gifts, he does not get tired just like mom. Mom who takes care of their house, not only kids but all the members of the family and still don’t get tired and keep on working.

Seriously, every act of the mother should be credited as ‘Santa’. A Mom devotes her life to the welfare of the family. She knows the need and try to fulfill them just to catch smile of the faces of her family members. She sacrifices herself for the sake of her family. Looking as what moms do, I wish to call her, Santa Claus. She does not spread happiness on a single day, but throughout the year.


Nobody has ever seen a Santa and now its time for us to give the sole entity of a Mom to Santa Claus.

Mom who is Fabulous, Forgiving and Full of love and life….


My Cup of Motherhood wishes everyone Merry Christmas!!


Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

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