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Is your child getting a daily dose of Screen time?

When I was a kid, I loved watching television so much that it became the part of my family lore. Have you ever questioned yourself as how much screen time is too much? Another question that pops up is that is your child getting a daily dose of the screen time?
There would be no second thought on the question as I can guarantee the answer to be yes. But how many of you have wondered as how you can balance the screen time? What is most disturbing is that fact that kids are spending more time in front of the screen. This is really alarming as the research says that children below the age of 2 should not be exposed to screen time as it can impair their cognitive functions. After that some amount of screen time is necessary and beneficial too. What is most challenging for the parents is to balance the delicate world of screen time.
Here are some tips as you can control:
1. Pave the way: The very first learning experience of the child comes from the parents. Limiting your screen time whether Mobile phones or Television is the first thing as a parent we should do. If you are addicted to internet or mobile phones, then its time now to fix up!! The child should realize their boundaries and should know what is right for him or not.
2. Encourage Offline play time: If we are limiting our child to the screen time and saying no every time when the child wants to watch, then you should have multiple offline activity planned for the kid well in advance. Encourage the child to take some unstructured playtime for the healthy mind and the healthy body.
3. Creating No tech zone for kids: There should be the place in the house which is completely tech free for not only kids but for the family in order to promote general conversation. Sharing each other’s day routine stimulates the child’s thought and activities. As a parent you can ask how was your day? It is very important to ask open ended questions to let your child imagine and speak up his/her mind. The close ended questions put the full stop on the minds of your toddlers.
4. Being watchful of what your child see: Inspite of restricting the screen time for the kids, it is also very important to be watchful of what your kids want to see. it is very important as a parent to know what your child is seeing and encourage the child to watch the apps which are being labelled as educative and interactive.
Being involved in the child’s routine and the activities makes the parenting easier and more rewarding. Happy parenting!!

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