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Should we let our kids go back to school this fall?

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Damned if we send our kids to school, Damned if we not.

That is how I feel as a parent when I think of sending Ahaan to school during this pandemic situation which is creating havoc in our nation among people. After 4 months at home with our children, most of us as a parent are more than ready to send our kids as we are all feeling that burnout. We need schools to reopen but we also know its not safe.

When schools closed, kids had no choice but to stealthily adapt to the routine. Their end of school year started with the spring break and then we told them, Aha! The spring break is extended. And then ok! You cannot come now, and they started e-learning for the rest of the year.

Then started ZOOM. They were on zoom and were doing fine. But for some, it was not good, they were not motivated, and parents were struggling to keep them sitting in front of the laptop. It was tough for the teachers also to plan their lessons accordingly and adapt to something that they have not done before.

And now we are out of our minds, trying to decide whether we will be sending them to school if they reopen. We keep reading news everyday about New Jersey Education Board on plans to reopen, that they will have alternate working days. But still if my son is going 3 days a week, his chances to get infected remains the same.

If you ask me, I am confused whether I should send him to a campus made of bricks and mortar and expose him to risk of infection and worry continuously about his physical health every day.


Whether I should keep him at home with me exposing him to the risk of challenging e- learning environment where he will suffer from social and emotional distress due to the lack of interaction among his peers.

I am confused whether I should send him to school knowing that he is supposed to wear mask for 8 hours and will not be able to breathe properly and finally after some time, getting weary of it and will slide it down proning him to infection.


Whether I should keep him at home, where he can be without mask and breathe easily but being with his parents all the time, he will get weary of us.

I am confused whether I should send him to school because he wants to go and so do I.


Whether I should keep him at home because I want him, teachers, and his friends to stay healthy.


We parents are so perplexed of what is the right thing for us and for our kids because we want both. I do not know what my decision is yet and will continue to change on how the things move during this summer break. But one thing I know is we are in trouble if we send our kids to school and if we not.

So just trust your guts and do what you think is right for you and your kid.

Happy Parenting!!

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