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Spending Quality time with your Kid

It is very rightly said that kids don’t need things, they need parents who spend some time with them. A fast-paced modern lifestyle has resulted in less quality time spend with kids. It is very important as a parent to spend some quality time with them. It has a direct impact on the child’s social and emotional development. It’s not about giving fancy toys or expensive gifts; the important part is just being together. Spending time with the kids makes them feel more secure and settled. They even start valuing the bond they share it with you.
Being a mom of 3-year-old kid, I always end up feeling guilty of not spending good quality time with him and I try to make desperate efforts to be in line with what my little one need. I followed my heart, left my job and here I am happily blogging what I learned in due course of parenting along with giving time to my Kid. It completely depends how you make it, the synopsis is the balance which need to be there along with the work.
Here are some intermediate ideas of spending some crazy moments together with your tiny tots which you will cherish for lifetime. These ideas if implemented will bring a lot of change in your relationship with your kids.
1. Plan a Morning Routine: Morning is the best time to have a good time with your kid. Wishing good morning and taking out 10-15 minutes to involve the kids in your daily activities can bring a change. These activities would be fun and beneficial as it strengthens the bond between you and your child. It could be anything like folding the blankets together, helping in the kitchen chores or just sitting in the bed talking about the plans of the day. These little things that you do will turn into something that your children will remember you by.
2. Have a crazy evening: Kids come back from school with the tired faces and heavy routine. Why not plan a crazy evening together? Why not paint? There can be lot of other activities which can be useful for your kid and to share a bond between you and your kid. Messy play time can invoke lot of fun and laughter and your child will be excited to the core. It can be anything fun that also boost your child’s creativity.
3. Savor your meals together: Meal time becomes stressful when it comes to getting into the kitchen when your little one too wants to be the part of it. Why not involve them in the preparation of the meals? This will make them feel excited and will have a sense of family bonding and togetherness. The researches have shown that the sense of family bonding also reduces the behavioral issues in the children.
4. Activity time: You don’t need separate time to create a special bond between you and your children. It can happen anywhere anytime. Even a simple task of accompanying your little one for homework together will create a bond. Just doing your work in their presence while they are doing some other task will do the work which will create memories for lifetime.
5. Hey sweetie, how was your day? - It is very rightly said that generosity is love and love is generosity. It basically symbolizes the willingness to be present in someone’s else thoughts and that is itself an act of generosity. This small statement can make a huge difference in the mindset of the children. They are not aware how your day was, whether you are tired or not or how unhappy you are today. For they all know is when you get back home, all they need is to tell what has happened today in school or at home. So, give your child a chance to open and share all the emotions with you.
6. Why not try a Bed time stories? – Whether it’s a fairy tale, mythological one or a moral tale, sitting beside your little one and telling the tale is itself an act that encourages a deep bond with your child. This also promotes the sense of reading in the children.
Hence, it is important to spend some quality time with your children. You also must make sure no one plans when you already have planned your day with kids. The psychologist study that the child who spend most of the time with his/her parent is more self-reliant, calm and composed. It’s not a Rocket science, all you need is a commitment and some great ideas to enjoy each moment together. We can keep our relationship strong by giving our 100% during the ordinary moments of our life. So why not give it a try and make it a resolution for the coming 2019.

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