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Understanding child’s learning style: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Me and Ahaan were sleeping when I generally asked him, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” He quickly responded me by saying that he wants to be a pilot P.S (all those who know him will understand how obsessed he is with the airplane). Then probably after 10 minutes he said “No Mummy!! I want to be a Doctor”. Carrying these thoughts in his mind when he woke up the very next day, he told he wants to be a mechanic. These are few answers you get when you ask your kid. You may laugh and share it with your family and friends but there is something that your child’s responses are making you aware of. Have you ever thought about this? It talks about the way your children learn and what kind of multiple intelligences he/she have.
This theory of Multiple intelligences is proposed by Dr Harvard gardener in 1883. It basically suggests that the traditional notion of intelligence i.e. the IQ testing is way too limited. It means that the intelligence cannot be judged solely on the bare IQ level. In fact Dr Gardner proposed nine multiple intelligences to help us understand as how children process and learn information.
I have heard lot of mothers talking about various learning styles. Learning styles means the different methods through which you can make your child understand. It is not necessary that your child also learns the same way as the other. Every child is unique and so are their learning aptitude and skills. Labeling children with one learning styles is inaccurate.
This theory states that every person is unique and have different intellectual profiles which are driven by various environmental and social factors. For example, one child may have a stronger musical or artistic intelligence and the other child may have stronger linguistic and mathematical intelligence.
Here is the list of nine multiple intelligences that your child might possess:
1. Linguistic Intelligence: The child who possess the Linguistic Intelligence focuses in school, enjoy reading books and prefer language over other subjects, one who is willing to learn any foreign language with ease and is good spelling checker. The child who posses this intelligence loves rhymes and communicate his/her thoughts well.
2. Musical Intelligence: The child who possess the Musical intelligence will be fond of melodies and will always come to know when the music off key is. The child will show some aptitude with all the musical instrument and will talk and walk in the rhythmic manner. He/She will have a pleasant voice and may also show some sensitivity to the other surroundings voices.
3. Logical- Mathematical Intelligence: The child is curious about numbers and enjoys studying mathematics. The child enjoys brain storming games such as chess and solving puzzles and doing numerous experiments and love working on the computer.
4. Spatial Intelligence: Spatial refers to be as Picture. The child is Picture smart. The children who possess this intelligence is skilled in drawing, loves maps and charts and diagrams. They love doodling, 3 D pictures and enjoys the movie. In short, they are little dreamers.
5. Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence: This type of intelligence deals with using the gross motor skills to express oneself. The child possessing this will excel in sports and can mimics other bodily actions and gestures.
6. Interpersonal Intelligence: It is also referred to be as a Social intelligence. It refers to the ability to attuned to others, their feelings and emotions. The child is good in communicating with others and loves socializing with friends. The child will love to solve their problems and is caring. The child possessing this Intelligence is a born natural leader.
7. Intrapersonal Intelligence: This child is independent and generally is aware of his/her abilities, strength and weaknesses. The child is not social and is at best when is left alone. The child has the high self esteem and try to work or learn from his/her failures.
8. Naturalist Intelligence: The naturalist refers to be as Nature smart. The child feels the deep connection with that of the nature. The child likes to play outdoors, loves to collect flowers and count bugs. The child enjoys the natures preserves and loves visiting zoo. The child is interested in the streams such as Biology, Zoology.
9. Existential Intelligence: The child possessing this is curious about what and how things are. The child shows curiosity about life and death and has a psychological awareness which is far beyond their years.
PLEASE NOTE: It is completely OK if your child possesses any 3-4 intelligences, because that’s the way it should be.
It is our duty as a parent that when we realize and figured our child’s learning style, we should capture it and give them the opportunity to excel in that. For e.g. If your child possesses Musical intelligence, rather than telling the kid to shift his/her focus towards studies and leave music, you should encourage the child to take music lesson, indulge the child in some instrumental classes and make singing as a career ahead.
This theory of Multiple intelligence is so intriguing because it expands the horizon of both parent as well as the Teachers. You don’t have to teach or learn all the nine Intelligences, just see what the possibilities are and then decide the pathway to go to. Nothing is difficult if you try to do anything.
Do share and write to us as what all intelligences your child possesses. Keep trying, everything will be at ease. Keep sharing!! Happy Parenting!!

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