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Enjoy each and every sip of it!

What do you do? The disquieting question Stay at home mom face often!!

Motherhood is not a competition. We often come across various adults questioning your identity which becomes very disappointing. For some reason our society is obsessed with finding out the ways to make moms guilty of how they raise and provide for their children. They are continuously judging and criticizing Stay at home moms.
I have been on the same page.
Though educated and working before I became a mom, I decided to go with my instinct and left my job to be with my child full time. The very first question that some body ask me when I am out is Are you still at home, haven’t you started working yet. This questions me, my self-respect and I stand at the doorway diffident and abashed. Under this societal pressure, I decided to work again. But I questioned myself “why?”.
If you ask people what they think of Stay at home moms, you will get variety of answers. Some say they are lazy, some say they are just enjoying their lives. There is no shortage of opinions of people about Stay at home moms. It is more than sitting on the recliner sofa and binge-watching Netflix. It is 24* 7 job whether you have one kid or 2. It is indeed a difficult task. Along with taking care of them, meeting their needs, you have another household work to tend to as well. There are other works too, apart from laundry, cleaning and washing, what about when your little one is thirsty, someone will get hungry by that time, someone must pee. Stay at home moms spend their day what they do best, maintaining their household and raising their children. They don’t want to talk about what they did all day because believe me, “IT IS EXHAUSTING”.
They are doing what they believe is best for their family. It’s not that I am not in favor of working moms. I can imagine how hard it is for them. As a working mom, you are doing both. While they are at work, they are thinking about their children all the time. Some of them can’t afford to be at home because they must provide for their family. We just need to understand that we are all moms trying to figure out as we go along.
We all need to understand that we all have a common goal that is to have a happy and a healthy family. We should not judge anyone. Sometimes we fail to acknowledge why are they doing so? This feeling of motherhood is more than being staying at home with kids or working along with taking care of them. We all have our reason and we know that they are good because we know what is best for our family.
Stay at home moms can utilize their time in finding activities good for their child, help creating them and then sharing their experience. You can do multiple activities being at home along with taking care of your child. I engage myself with my kid in many activities, whether going out to play or at home and along with it, “you can read my blogs” as it portrays my struggles and experiences in this cycle of Parenting.
Remember: We will hardly get time to judge others if we start understanding each other. In the end, we are all MOTHER’S.
Happy Parenting!!

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